Roma ★★★★★

Wow I’m completely floored by this masterpiece. I truly believe I just saw the best movie of 2018!

Political upheavals and one working-class woman’s internal turmoil intersect in this heart-wrenching film about, as cliched as it may sound, love and compassion. In one particular powerful moment near the end, Yalitza Aparicio’s Cleo walks against crashing waves to save a drowning child. The imagery is emblematic of Cleo’s tumultuous year and her strength to endure so much pain. Roma relies so much on the sheer emotional power of Aparicio’s soulful performance that it doesn’t even need music to enhance the mood. Cuaron said himself he was "lucky" that he found her. He totally was! I don’t know if her understated work will be embraced by the Academy, but I seriously hope she cracks the final five. She totally broke my heart. Perhaps Roma's greatest achievement is its ability to make you empathize with the lead character.

Alfonso Cuaron never disappoints. Cuaron is a masterful storyteller whose visual sophistication serves to enrich the narrative, and his attention to detail has never been more evident than here. Put the camera in Cuaron’s hands and something magical is bound to happen. In Roma, Cuaron turns the mundanity of everyday objects into something to be marvelled at and proved that an intimate drama doesn’t necessarily have to be told through closeups. I simply love how the camera is positioned in such a way that it invites you to look closer into what appears in a frame. Those incredible wide shots simply evoke a strong sense of immersion. Also, the film may come across as uneventful, until you notice all the portentous events Cuaron sets up along the way.

Yeah I loved it. This is my Best Picture winner now. Roma will continue to resonate with me as long as it can

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