Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★

Evil Dead II is one of the most bonkers horror films I’ve ever seen. Sam Raimi is incredibly bold here, taking the grotesque and absurdity to a whole new level to fashion an ultimate horror-comedy that is thoroughly entertaining! Sometimes sequels that give you “more of the same” turn out to be terrible, but this is not the case with Evil Dead II. Raimi ups the ante in special effects. There’s more blood, more gore, more screaming, more slapstick humor. The movie, while not entirely refreshing, is still a beast of its own.

Since it doesn’t establish a clear connection with the first one, the film also works as a self-parody. Certain events repeat themselves without ringing a bell for Brice Campbell’s character. He takes a vacation in the woods again and finds a recording of ancient incantations that unleashes the dark spirits. Five minutes in and the film turns into a spectacle of diabolical abjection, a meditation on sheer insanity in which humans are just as crazy as the ghosts!

And boy does Raimi love blood! The exaggerated use of it is clearly intended for shock value as well as for comedic effect. Raimi’s obsession with tracking shots is evident. The ghost makeup is still as sickly as ever. This time he also indulges in distorted camera angles to evoke the sense of surreality of the whole experience. There're also tons of comical, WTF moments. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the dancing ghost, Campbell cutting his own hand, and the flying eyeball.

In short, Evil Dead II is a classic!

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