Blind Spot

Blind Spot ★★★★★

Holy shit! BLIND SPOT is amazing! A 100 min - one take - agonizing tour de force. From the pinnacle of mundanity it plunges into the deepest pit of trauma. Whatever the polar opposite of a joyride is - this is it. In all its visceral unpleasantness.

It is a triumph threefold: the best new film I've seen in years, the best single-take film (of the few I've actually seen), and the best Norwegian film - by a wide margin!

No film has made me cry as quickly and often since MANCHESTER BY THE SEA. The big difference is BLINDSPOT doesn't really let up ever. I'm pretty sure I sat clenched for over an hour.

Remember with CAPTAIN PHILLIPS back in 2013, when everyone was like "the film is so and so, but man was Hanks good for those few minutes at the end when the trauma hits him"..? Pia Tjelta does that for nearly all her screentime - a solid hour at least! Immensely impressive!

I'm so happy I made the unplanned trip to the Cinematheque tonight.