Raw ★★★★★

titane takes everything this does and turns it up a notch, which i thought would make this weaker on a rewatch. but instead i’m only more impressed with how ambitious and thematically dense this is for a directorial debut. love the idea of going to vet school, watching how humans treat other humans like animals in the literal first “hazing” scene,  being repulsed at how your classmates just casually eat meat, and being like…well this finger is no different than a meatball, if that’s how this is gonna be. the score being mostly instrumental organs, genius. i love the way ducournau shoots her movies; harsh shadows, bold and bright colors, making skin look meatier than it should. and above all such a unique coming of age story, rebelling against your family only to realize it was in your blood all along, amazing. will always suffer through a stomach ache for julia ducournau 🩸

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