• Betrayed



    Debra Winger’s undercover cop infiltrates Tom Berenger and his white supremacist friends in arguably one of the tensest movies I’ve ever seen. Her romantic relationship with Berenger - at first merely a way to get into his inner circle to uncover potential evidence against the murder of a Jewish radio talk show host, except she soon develops a fondness for his children (and maybe him? - more on that in a minute) - frequently puts her in close connection to…

  • The Wanderers

    The Wanderers

    They were making 60s nostalgia in the 70s! This movie was made in 1979 but depicts NYC 1963 like it was a historical relic already. It's like if a film came out this year that was desperately nostalgic for 2006…or maybe that isn't so far fetched.

  • The Missing Person

    The Missing Person

    Michael Shannon plays a private detective tasked with following an unknown middle-aged man in this indie neo-noir that feels about as close to one of those 70s 150-page gumshoe paperbacks with faded lettering and dog-eared corners as a modern film could. Except the interesting twist on this is how it weaves recent real world events into its narrative - it’s best to go in pretty blind with this. Shannon's melancholic and vaguely grumpy detective holds the film together when the…

  • Curling


    One of those films where the analysis of it is so much more interesting than the actual film, for me. The blu-ray I got contains essays that dive into the protagonist’s “unsettling, furtive delicacy,” talk about how the “skilfully delineated interior spaces and precisely managed silences” are the works of a maturing filmmaker, and ponder over what the film’s unsettling, mysterious aura is actually trying to convey. It all sounds so good, but in practice I found the film pretty…

  • Working Girls

    Working Girls

    This is pretty great. Focusing on a day in the life of a NYC escort named Molly* as we get a down-to-earth view of how the service is ran out of this interesting two-storey apartment and how all the girls are lorded over by their micromanaging boss, Lucy. It’s an interesting hangout film, to see sex work depicted this routinely and like any other job is refreshing and interesting, and the camaraderie between the women is fun. There’s no titillation…

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    The scene where Julie is able to pause time is a microcosm for the whole film; the feeling of just wanting everything to slow down before real decisions have to be made, to be able to be carefree and loose for a little while longer before that part of your life is over. Throughout we see Julie be somewhat paralysed by the idea of choosing wrong, or choosing at all, and getting stuck in something she doesn’t actually want. Her…

  • The Bitter Stems

    The Bitter Stems

    Recently restored Argentinian noir that feels astoundingly similar to its American counterparts. I thought it would be quite different but maybe the themes of the genre are so universal that they so easily cross cultural borders. Anyway, it’s quite a typical story of two men getting involved in a scheme and the greed and paranoia that begins to flow through them as the money begins to flow just as easily. Once it gets through its slightly convoluted opening and a…

  • C'mon C'mon

    C'mon C'mon

    Liked it, didn’t love it. 20th Century Women is an all-time favourite, an almost religious experience watching it for the first time. C’mon C’mon is just a good movie. Maybe I expected more. I liked all the interviews with the kids, as well as the film’s overall ideas about trying to be empathetic and kind and listen to (young) people in a world that most are now aware is overall not so great, the mixing of simple raw emotions with…

  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up

    I don’t know. Found it quite funny at times, then very annoying at others, then it kind of just resets and does the whole narrative again, before mercifully actually concluding with the world ending. I did like that it all came back to people interacting, talking, being kind, smiling, that was sweet. Don’t really understand the criticisms that it’s unsubtle - the planet is dying, it would be nice if people gave a shit. But on the other hand, it’s…

  • The Crush

    The Crush

    Seems like the two things this film wants us to take away from it are:

    “Bitches be crazy!”
    ALWAYS doubt a women when they accuse someone of rape

    This is some garbage. Cary Elwes’ writer Nick moves into a guest house that is also the home of Alicia Silverstone’s Adrian, a 14-year-old who becomes obsessed with him. Why? She’s crazy. That’s the only explanation we ever get. But she’s also a child psychopath intent on killing anyone that gets…

  • Vampires


    This is some glorious, violent, ridiculous fun. Does feel a bit dated with its dudebro dick jokes and general misogyny spewing from James Woods and Daniel Baldwin (be honest, did you know there was a DANIEL Baldwin? I didn’t), and Sheryl Lee gets given a tough role to pull off, but it’s such a fun bonkers ride about Vampire hunters with a great New Mexico aesthetic, some gnarly practical effects and cool imagery like the smoke coming off the vampires…

  • The Dead Girl

    The Dead Girl

    I thought this would be a sort of mystery, but it’s more of an anthology of stories with each character relating to a girl who is found dead in a field one day. It’s not that good. It’s got a horrible washed out aesthetic that is visually unappealing and I’ve never really been a fan of this type of narrative structure anyway. There’s an air of what’s the point to the whole thing, each segment wallows in its sadness without…