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This review may contain spoilers.

A gritty, brutal, flesh-ripping bout of violent finality. Makes you wonder how Wolverine ever existed as a PG-13 entity. Transcends the superhero genre by inverting expectations with visceral brutality not seen before, alongside subtle things like Logan attempting to heroically drive a car through a fence only to see the stunt fail. Because this isn’t a film about a hero, it’s about a man forced into that role a long time ago, living with his own legacy while still attempting to run from it. The meta aspects of the film turn time in on itself, Logan facing his own mortality while at the same time knowing his myth is destined to live forever. I wouldn’t even call myself a huge fan of the X-Men movies - I haven’t seen all of them - but the emotional weight carried on Logan’s large shoulders is palpable and makes every slash of his claws, every grunt in pain feel elegiac and finite. At times he’s been a selfish, rude loner not wanting anything to do with his fellow mutants, yet it always felt inevitable, and it feels totally right, that his final act is to help carry on a legacy he helped define. Because Logan always did what was right, despite not wanting to do, or be, anything at all. Accepting his place in folklore allows him to forge a path for a new band of heroes who he hopes will surpass his legacy, and perhaps finally let him drift into the lonely ether - as a man, not a hero - like he always wanted.

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