Black Test Car

Black Test Car ★★★★½

A film so good it temporarily released me from the downward spiral. Two competing car companies spy on each other to try and get inside information on the other’s upcoming projects. The tactics they employ only get more ruthless as market domination becomes up for grabs; they’re like two competing mobs in the mafia. A thrilling ride, but also a great evisceration of the neoliberal keep grinding mentality, where human beings have merely become cogs in their respective corporations, so deep in the game that none of their nefarious tactics even register as immoral or cruel anymore, and their ruthlessness is rewarded. But with what? More work, and less humanity. And they’ll eventually realise that their company loyalty means nothing anyway, they will just be replaced and left with only their hollow carcasses. Shot really nicely, looks noir-ish, the only demerit is the slightly heavy-handed ending. But I loved it. I’ll definitely be checking out more Yasuzō Masumura films asap.

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