Knife+Heart ★★★★½

'Knife+Heart' is a full of heart and queer as hell homage to the giallo's of the 70's. Shot on 16mm and scored by M83, you don't even have to watch it to imagine how drenched with atmosphere this whole thing is. Monochromatic lighting, ominous dream sequences, a hazy and distorted storyline - there is a lot here to love.

HOWEVER, it isn't all dildo switchblades and secret romance. There are sequences that feel underwhelming, even incomplete; especially in the first half things may not click in place quite the way you'd imagine. In the latter end of the film though, the ball really gets rolling picking up all sorts of blood, cum, and sweat on the way to a beautiful finale. It's the perfect blend of ineptness, heart, fun, and seriousness to create a new modern classic in a genre that has been grazing on its heels the past decade.

In the end, this is a film that requires patience as well as countless rewatches in the very near future. If you like giallo's like 'What Have You Done to Solange?' or 'Phenomena', you're in the right place.