Shame ★★★★★

A film that’ll leave you speechless and lost in thought, Steve McQueen’s 2011 drama features one of the finest leading performances of the past decade from Michael Fassbender and a lovely supporting performance from Carey Mulligan. I had no idea she was in it, it was a pleasant surprise after seeing the rather bleak, uncomfortable opening.
The use of score numbed the pain of certain scenes, and elevated others in intensity. This is almost Fassbender’s movie, he owns every decision he makes as an actor and is all in regardless of how ugly it may get. His scenes with Mulligan were so genuine, as were pretty much every single shot in the picture. While Hunger had moments where things slowed down and the momentum seemed to trail off but this movie right here never slips up and has it all. It guides you along and never aims to confuse you, rather carefully guide you through the dark aspects of humanity, particularly if you’re a sex addict. We may not all be like this specific character but we’ve all felt dysfunction in our lives before.
The direction and editing is striking and never feels forced. I find that it tries to express beauty in the most horrific situations.
This is definitely the best I’ve seen from McQueen and it’s one of the best recent dramas and character studies. I can’t wait to see his new mini series. 

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