Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

Aaron Sorkin is a screenwriting god, but I’m pretty sure even he knows Thomas Vinterberg deserved that director nomination. This movie flows seamlessly from one ordinary human moment to the next, making you want to grab a drink with these four lovable drunks. Mads Mikkelsen would’ve definitely been the fourth or fifth spot on my Oscar ballot. Delroy Lindo as well, did the academy even watch Da 5 Bloods? Gary Oldman, bye-bye. Steven Yuen? Let me rewatch Minari first before I decide to boot him off. Right, back to Another Round.

This is an outstanding Danish comedy-drama about a man and his pals coming to grips with the ebbs and flows of life, no matter how painful or stagnant it can be. I was deeply moved by some spots, and laughing my ass off at others. It’s much more my speed than The Hunt, which although superbly well made, offers too much anxiety for me to ever revisit it. This flick is a grown man version of Diner, as the fellas remind each other of what they once were, and how they a little bit of alcohol never hurt anybody. Substance abuse was for sure going to be part of the narrative, and I felt that tough-to-watch section was handled perfectly. A pure delight. Hulu is dunking on Netflix at the moment, yeah I said it.

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