Halloween ★★★½

You cannot kill the boogeyman – A well-built immortal knife-wielding brute, facelessly skulking here and there from corner to corner. Fear is unknown, a cryptic message yet to be solved. Watching this was like seeing something eerie unravel outside the window that you could not quite place your finger on. It’s 31st October night so what else could go astray? Jack-O-Lantern’s still freshly carved with candles flames quivering inside and The Thing from Another World is playing on TV with a large bowl of popcorn on the table. The clock’s chiming downstairs, it’s midnight...Hug me I’m scared. 

It's Halloween; everyone's entitled to one good scare.

Sounds comforting, right? Not until you hear that iconic score from John Carpenter, it means the slashing is just about to happen from the awaiting darkness. The atmosphere feels like a slow walk to meet death, not run, why running, considering the result is inevitable? Evilness never dies. He turns, hand tightened on the blade as he plods towards a leisure kill. Sown by campy sequences, dialogues and characters with risible screams augmented by the preposterous performances of the cast that have been worn out by time. However, not for a second do we ever look down on Halloween, in terms of its influence on the knife bore genre, building a foundation for low-budgeted slasherism - The Godfather of piling up unfortunate fates. Is it fine to turn the lights on or is he already standing behind me? 

Guess it’s too late now

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