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  • Santa Sangre
  • Love Exposure
  • Martyrs
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

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  • Death Spa

  • The Witching

  • Mad Detective

  • Close Calls


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  • Blackhat



    Y’all still sleeping on this?

  • They Live

    They Live


    "Blow it out your A%%"

    The iconic six minute fight scene that this movie is centered around, is a test.

    Some will be offended by the violence and turn off their minds to the message and this film. Those who revel in action and violence will enjoy this film and ALSO miss the message. That's why it's regarded as a CAMPY classic as opposed to something much MORE.

    Horror films are my favorite, they allow for the greatest aritistic expression,…

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  • Hell Fest

    Hell Fest



    Low expectations going in. No publicity, no reviews. No one in the theater. FUN from the start. The lighting, sound, and atmosphere transported me into the horror theme park I've always wanted to go to. The young cast worked giving solid performances and the set pieces were a lot of fun - making this a very memorable horror setting. I would avoid watching the trailer to this film which was poorly put together. The terror found in this film…

  • Hell Fest

    Hell Fest


    Second viewing in the theatre (still had a blast). The masked killer is not trying to jump scare us to death or be the next Jason, Michael, or Freddy. A real-life killer in an amusement park probably won't be able to pull off 5 consecutive Tom Savini inspired kills in a row. Blame it on budget, poor screenplay, or xxx (YES - I wanted Lucio Fulci type gore to the MAX) yet what happened worked for me. I didn't walk…