I think that the incredibly unique way that is told can be both a blessing and a curse at times. On one hand, showing the past, present and even segments of fantasy without any way to tell them apart is a really cool idea, and it makes the movie feel all the more unique, but on the other hand, it also makes  feel really confusing to follow. The confusion doesn’t take away from how compelling is, though, as the way that it bounces between fantasy and reality makes feel exciting and hard to put down. 

Although I’ve only seen one other movie from Federico Fellini, La Dolce Vita, I can tell that is his most personal and introspective movie that he’s made in his career. The character of Guido Anselmi is a very clear reflection of Fellini himself, and as his anxieties about his career, as well as his life ending due to creative bankruptcy and pressure from those around him also apply to Fellini. I felt that Fellini had more to offer me with this movie, but is still a great movie despite that.

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