• Red Lion

    Red Lion


    Mixed opinions. Contrary to some of the other takes on here I think this is one of the best performances Mifune has ever put on. The brash, swaggering, but self-doubting simpleton protagonist feels like a natural extension of his best historical roles, and he plays this character excellently.

    The opening 45 minutes are spectacular, and legitimately funny. Unfortunately the comedic tone is dropped by the second act, which meanders on a bit longer than it should. Pretty standard fare in…

  • Like a Dragon

    Like a Dragon

    whoever wrote this should be fed to the yakuza

  • xXx: State of the Union

    xXx: State of the Union

    shitter and badder than the one with vin diesel

  • Sharpe's Gold

    Sharpe's Gold


    sharpe destroys the last remnants of a lost aztec culture and walks into the sunset, grinning

  • xXx



    shit and bad

  • Red Heat

    Red Heat


    Rapidly alternates between somewhat decent and unbearably bad

  • Sharpe's Honour

    Sharpe's Honour


    I spent 20 minutes writing a really good and long review for this and letterboxd fucking crashed and I lost it

    Sean Bean swings a chicken at a group of nuns

  • Sharpe's Enemy

    Sharpe's Enemy


    Liked this one a lot, maybe my favourite so far. A touch bleaker, and the stakes felt much higher despite it being more of a personal story. Good action setpieces and stellar choreography. TV budget really shows at a couple points (as it always has), but they worked well with what they had.

    Also, pretty great cast. Particularly liked the young French officer and his wife. Nairn doesn't hold a candle to Brian Cox's Hogan from Sharpe I and II,…

  • Sharpe's Company

    Sharpe's Company


    Bit of a... weird one? A departure from the previous two entries in tone and style. The dialogue feels much more impenetrable (perhaps more is lifted from the book? Not sure, haven't read it) and characters behave quite erratically; even the ones who are supposed to be sane.

    Often I found it difficult to understand what was actually going on. The "not your fault" scene for example - what in the blazes was actually being communicated to Sharpe? Someone please…

  • Sharpe's Eagle

    Sharpe's Eagle


    sean bean doesnt brood or swear enough but 3 stars because nosey did give them a right good thrashing

  • Sharpe's Rifles

    Sharpe's Rifles


    *sean bean voice* THE BLOODY FRENCH BASTIDS

  • The Last Witch Hunter

    The Last Witch Hunter

    Vin Diesel was clearly passionate about producing this, for some reason