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  • The Cult of Humpty Dumpty

    The Cult of Humpty Dumpty


    I politically agree with the movie. The Leftoids all died in the end (that as good) becasue the conservative proved that abortion was murder. But, there was never a wall scene, and Humpty Dumpty basically didn't, dont' do it wqord for word, okay okay, Humpty Dumptyy, didn't fall off of a wall and there was not a single king;s man. and the police officer said, what happened. alright im pretty happy with that

  • Get Squirrely

    Get Squirrely


    The cinematography was spectacular though at time the music selection was sorely pedestrian, it ripped me out of my seat and turned me completely green.

    Some of the voice work was really stellar, I think specially from the french rat and the robot and the humans.

    The animals all did something in the movie. Every. last. one. did. something.

    Man, that snake was something else... Peace out