Scream ★★★½

I cannot put into words what Scream means to me. I really can't. And I know I'm not alone when I say that. This movie and this franchise has meant so much to so many people. Seems a little silly when you take into account what it actually is. But horror movies can be profound and enlightening and impactful just as much as other films. And Scream is that for me. It made me pursue my career, it made me love films, it made me love horror, it created memories and moments with my family. It's just everything to me.

Needless to say, I was excited for this movie. I enjoyed Ready or Not and I loved hearing what Neve and crew had to say about returning for this. I had high hopes. Perhaps too high of hopes, as one does. I try not to expect much but it's hard when you care so deeply. So I expected a lot. And that may be my own undoing.

Listen, Scream 3 is not a great movie. But there's stuff I love about it and I think it has its place. Scream 4 was a bit disappointing when I first saw it but fast forward and I genuinely do love and enjoy it. I think the same will happen with this one. Because when I was watching, there was a lot of moments I loved -- moments I got excited about, brutal kills I thought were awesome. But there seemed to be so many more moments that just had me shaking my head. Upset. I see so many people touting "great twists" and "perfect blend of old and new cast" and I gotta be questioning if we saw the same movie. I'd call this film blatantly obvious and criminally underused across the board. A few characters and personalities connected with me deeply and others just didn't have a chance to shine, which made it hard to care. And for a movie that so desperately doesn't want the returning of the original cast to feel like a cheap "cash grab," they certainly let them fall to the background for nearly all of it. I saw their faces, I saw moments of their personality, but I never felt like they were truly THERE. And that was the biggest disappointment. There's some other horrendous bullshit that I can't talk about without spoilers and I don't want to do that for my first review. The audience seemed to dig some of it though so maybe I'm in the minority.

At the end of the day, there's nothing like seeing a Scream movie in theaters. Hearing Red Right Hand. Seeing Ghostface run and slice and dice. Hearing that voice. Seeing Sidney. It's magic, it really is. I have high hopes that the longer I sit with this and the more times I watch it, that it will grow on me just as others have. Scream is my favorite franchise and the original is my favorite movie and nothing can change that.

Though I do believe it's time now. Let's let it rest. Let's not answer the phone. Let's not play the next game. Let's follow the rules.

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