• Widows



    daniel kaluuya is super good at acting lol. and the sky is blue too. wasn't super interested in the plot and i think the characters aren't that interesting either, but they try to tackle a lot in this movie wrt social and political issues and a looot of it hits. plus daniel kaluuya goes ham so there's that as well. have never seen a freakier stabbing scene or more intimidating freestyle rap showcase. chills i say

  • Barbarian



    went for round 2 on this movie cause i was trying to scare my new friend, didn't work at all cause we're too chatty and he was distracted during the scary moments but that's ok. later saw the phrase "how scary is barbarian" in his search history which is crazy funny. still fun on a second watch & i found the beginning portion pre-reveal much more interesting this time, keith is actually built up to be the villain sooo well up…

  • Serial Mom

    Serial Mom


    got this from the library a while ago, was listed as available on the website but i couldn't find it in the stacks so i went to ask a staff member where it might be & when i told him the title he was like "that's a classic" which is like the most validating thing that's ever happened to me at the library lol. definitely an entry to die for in the hall of famers in the genre "90s black comedies…

  • Do Revenge

    Do Revenge


    not good and i didn't like it :( i hate the way characters talk and dress and act and the high school politics are insane and everyone looks (is) at least 25. idk. you're obviously supposed to suspend disbelief and try to buy into this world as separate from reality cause it's so bonkers but it just didn't work at all for me. when it ended my sister said "interesting movie" which is code for "i hated it" . :(

  • Pleasure



    got notified a few days ago that my spotify student discount/bundle is expiring next month and ive reached the cap of years you can have it so ill be losing hulu and showtime in early october. which doesn't really sound that bad cause day to day who the fuck watches anything on showtime but there are weird times when they exclusively acquire new movies i want to watch so now i feel like i have to go through all my…

  • Pearl



    felt like it was really short but i also went to see it with my new favorite person in kansas & talked through the entire thing so that skews it a little. i realized reading the description of this movie that i barely remember anything about x so i think i missed any subtle references beyond like the sets and the gator and the fucked up food etc which kinda sucks cause i think it would be fun to pick apart…

  • First Born

    First Born

    basically not good but that's not really the point. ive been looking for this movie for actual years do you guys have those movies you remember seeing as a kid but don't remember enough about to find them again that haunt you forever... for me that's this movie and like flight plan and that movie with julianne moore about her kid who disappears i think that one is called the forgotten. and i found all of those after YEARS of…

  • Barbarian



    i was GONNA say something like "it's fun but im not about this redemption arc for some rando who got #metoo'd" but. lol. was sitting next to an entire family and some like 8 year old kid with them was clearly all about horror movies constantly making little comments to demonstrate his understanding/appreciation for things going on in the movie which made for kind of a weird/cute vibe. i liked being able to hear when he got surprised or scared…

  • Predestination



    genuinely thought it was really fun. i checked this out from the library like 3 weeks ago & have been putting off watching it bc i didn't feel like opening the dvd case and putting the disc in my playstation (hard work) which i think worked out for the best cause im way more in the mood for wacky ass time travel bullshit today than i was when i was pmsing and crying the entire way through dead poets society. idk…

  • Shame



    was pretty neutral on this tbh. watched while i was doing teaching prep that i had put off all weekend + while on the phone with my sister who was playing the sims so can't say i was too immersed if you want to use that as an excuse for why i wasn't vibing. i think the acting is good and it looks good and it's interesting and engaging, just didn't like it that much. probably the best most nuanced…

  • Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.

    Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.


    it's pretty good. as far as satiric critiques of the institution of christianity go i don't think it cuts deep enough or is generally incisive enough but it's very funny when it tries to be & tackles a lot of complex things with more grace than i expected. i think the mockumentary aspect doesn't really work, i think they should've leaned into it way more...conceptually i think showing how trinitie and lee curtis react to being on camera/how they have decided…

  • Daybreakers



    usually before i watch a movie that i know will be bad i convince myself that im going to become someone who unashamedly enjoys bad movies in the next 2 hrs and im gonna tell everyone that i love love loved this bad movie and the haters can fuck off etc and it never ever works like that because i don't fucking like bad movies lol. knew within seconds of this movie that i wouldn't be into it but i…