Pig ★★★★

oddly enough, a film that has as plot the disappearance of the pig by Nicolas Cage, is incredible, a mixture of John Wick (2014) with certain elements of A Ghost Story (2017) and Captain Fantastic (2016), Nicolas Cage has enormous potential for the awards, as I'm sure it will draw a lot of attention to the voters, he's wonderful with all his sad and angry look where we quickly realize that he have something to hide. Alex Wolff is also a great supporting actor, who works in a way like us viewers who are slowly discovering Nicolas Cage' intriguing and mysterious character. I must confess that when the movie was announced I was already a bit off, as Nicolas Cage has been having a lot of downsides in his career lately, but here he shows what he can still be capable of. Overall, Pig (2021) is a beautiful and quirky story about life, and how the nightmares of our past can haunt us even today, showing it in a more serious and reflective way. brillant

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