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  • Minari



    everything about this movie is wonderful (haha get it? no...? okay...) to me; what got me the most are the score and david's relationship with his grandma and i know people have used this word a lot to describe this movie but i'm going to use it to describe the score instead, it is tender. and i couldn't help but miss my grandmas while watching this, remembering the moments when my little self had no idea how caring they were to me and it only dawned on me years later after they were gone.

  • RRR



    just gonna move my twitter thread here and add more because i'm bad with words

    THIS MOVIE IS 1000000% PURE AWESOMENESS! three hours just flew by because you were served by beautiful visuals about friendship of two men as the center of the plot, awesome cinematography, and don't get me started on the action and dance scenes— everything is just gorgeous 🤌

    the two main characters are introduced as opposites: fire and water—metaphorically and literally, and the filmmakers cleverly use…