CODA ★★★★

Honestly, I've been looking forward to this movie ever since I read it was being made. It was not released in the cinema in the Netherlands, so I had to wait for the blu ray, for which I'm still waiting. Two days ago I found out that you can also watch Apple TV via Google Chrome - I'm not very smart with that kind of thing - so today it finally happened.

I do need to tell you that I my left ear is deaf and that my right ear is severely hard of hearing When I was eight I got meningitis I barely survived and in about twenty years my right ear will be deaf as well. So, as far as I'm concerned, these kinds of films are also about representation.

I'm not disappointed - often when you have high expectations of something you get disappointed, but I wasn't. The film is real in the sense that it doesn't try to chase a particular effect. The film has a heart, a soul and is anything but a cheap tearjerker. The character played by Emilia Jones touched me deeply, because one of my dearest friends also does what she does for me, albeit to a more limited extent, namely making phone calls when necessary. Yet the underlying message of the film is that the deaf are dependent on others because the world 'out there' does not take them sufficiently into account. I can endorse that. It's not that I have to like this film because of my disability, just as I should like Children of a Lesser God. My judgment of this film is independent of my disability. I just think I understand some of the things that are shown a little better.

Anyway, what a beautiful, honest and solid film CODA has become. Through this film I can show how I experience some things, or I don't even have to, if people have made the effort to watch this film which is actually about love, endurance and the art of letting go.

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