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This review may contain spoilers.

That was one hell of an opening

This is one of those movies where for a lot of it I genuinely didn’t know what was happening/where some things were going because it’s NOT formulaic. I enjoyed that. There’s something about movies that allow themselves this kind of freedom to just be whatever it wants to be that I really love, so I definitely liked this even though I don’t think the story was that deep or intriguing.

Spoiler alert: it rly caught me off guard when he shoots the guy in the end. There doesn’t seem to be enough motivation for him to commit this murder, but it still felt right because all of a sudden you go oh THAT’S why it’s called Vengeance. And at least this is a comedy so it allows us the possibility that the incompetent police in the area aren’t gonna care enough to track him down.
And I know this entire thing is probably very offensive to Texans since all the portrayals seem super inaccurate for the sake of comedy  - but that’s show biz baby!

For his FIRST film I think this was good lol. Round of applause, B. J. Novak - I hope he directs more.

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