Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods ★★★★½

I will choose when...and how I die. You dig?

Past coalesces with present, narrative with documentary, and trauma with truth, as Lee—his patented mixture of brilliance & bravado in tow—directly responds to the past 40+ years worth of Vietnam War films centered on white experiences. Da 5 Bloods feels, thusly, as much about war movies as it is about war itself.

It's such a densely layered, ambitious piece, it objectively demands repeat viewing. It's vital, entirely distinctive, kinetically immersive art that also casually happens to feature one of the best male performances in recent memory, courtesy of Delroy Lindo (reaching glorious, Shakespearean heights of power and bombast in what will undoubtedly be a career-defining [and, if there's any justice, Academy Award-winning] role for him).


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