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The most mind-boggling takeaway was how well this holds up when compared to modern day blockbusters. We almost forgot where the blueprint came from and how even with all the tools at your disposal, having very little understanding of your craft is what makes for these average flicks deemed worthy of our attention. We accept a lot of mediocrity these days disguised as major spectacles. This will of course not apply to everything but we all know what I'm referencing here.

I don't much care for the story as it's very shallow and run-of-the-mill. Nothing about it could possibly make me excited for a sequel. The dialouge felt clunky at times and we don't get to know that much about any of the folks in Pandora which will most likely be explored in the future. The action holds up well in certain areas but untimely feels average knowing what Cameron has crafted in the past. Even so, it works fine since the storytelling all lies within the visuals. Say what you will about James Cameron but he certainly knows what he's doing. Never doubted old Jimbo for a second.

Hearing all the chit-chat about the sequel makes me very excited for the future of this franchise which I would have never thought I would be saying out loud. This truly is an experience of all experiences and a film worthy of only the biggest screen possible.

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