The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

#18 on All Time Top 100 Movies

Every time I watch this, I feel like i'm watching it for the first time. What more I keep liking it more.

The cinematography and music are an amazing blend. It feels so fresh. I'm saying this because every time I watch this I can't help but think about the visual and musical satisfaction I feel. Amazing. I even go this far to say this has one of the best scores ever. One of Trent Reznor's finest ever. Its my honest opinion, you may disagree.

The next part would be the story and how its told. Its spectacular. Its a story about a geek student making Facebook. I mean who would have thought this would be this good ? The screenplay is a marvel. The dialogues and timing along with the scene changes are impeccable. David Fincher & Aaron Sorkin did an amazing job with this film. The beginning and the end are great. It somehow makes you like the Jerk you saw at the beginning of the movie. Simply great.

Next would be the cast, having every single element right but not having the right cast would be a disaster, this is everything but. The cast selection couldn't have been better. Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake are amazing perfect for the role. This would be my favorite performance of the 3 till date. Even Rooney Mara with her short portrayal of Erica has such a huge impact on this movie.

I'm just sad it missed out on the Academy Awards, but what the hell.

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