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This review may contain spoilers.

Jake Gyllenhaal in a limited storytelling feature sold me on tuning in for this view. It was okay but missed on capitalizing on the drama of the phone call.

There was plenty of drama in the phone calls surrounding the main situation/case he was working, but at a certain point a reveal is made and that case essentially gets solved. The gravity of the matter he is working on gets diminished a bit because the worst has already happened and the case is no longer a life or death situation. At that point they play more into his personal situation and demons he is wrestling with, a dilemma that determines whether he continue with his career or rightfully go to prison. The emergency phone call he was working draws out emotions and does play nicely in him figuring out his own future, however I would have appreciated more focus on the emergency of the moment. Shifting between the two situations made me feel luke-warm on both dilemmas as well as made this movie feel like a struggle in finding its tone.

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