Kris Moda

can I offer you a nice egg in these trying times?

Favorite films

  • Chungking Express
  • Titane
  • Red Desert
  • In Bruges

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  • Through the Olive Trees


  • Crimes of the Future


  • View from the Top

  • Sorry to Bother You


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  • Titane



    "I do not care who you are."

    Our love is stronger than titanium, but our egos, our selfs are as fluid as petrol. Our identities inconspicuously try to hide inside a vessel made of flesh and bone that is confining but malleable. Our bodies are a performance prop we rely on to perform for a perspective society (our daft audience), and the film makes that abundantly clear.

    The film is a beautifully chaotic odyssey dismantling of our perception of bodies…

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    "Maybe with good luck, we'll find what eluded us in the places we once called home."

    It is safe to say The French Dispatch is Wes Anderson's and all of his hardcore fans' wet dream - the champion of cinematic eye candy, nostalgia, and whimsy.

    While the characters in Royal Tenenbaums invited me to their lovely eccentric worlds, and I humbly let them rest in my heart forever, The French Dispatch is comfortable with the audience and the cast being…