M3GAN ★½

Absolute. Fucking. Garbage.

There's no other phrase that could accurately describe this pile of cow manure.

Watching this with a group of friends was the best decision I ever made because if I hadn't done that, this would have been PAIN.

There is just so much wrong here, I don't even know where to start.

-The kills are uninventive and don't take the antagonist's powers to their full potential (controlling technology).

-The social commentary in this movie is just some poorly executed "kids these days" bullshit that isn't properly built up or elaborated on.

-The movie tries to take itself way more seriously than it should have by trying to have a dramatic plot and tragic story that just clashes with the rest of this mess.

-The jumpscares were cheap, lazy, and ineffective.

-There characters have the collective intelligence of a limp spoon. They make the stupidest decisions every two seconds without fail. There are so many examples of this but I don't want to get into spoilers.

-All the characters and performances are unmemorable and bland, this whole movie feels like rotten tofu.

The ONLY reason why this has 1 and a half stars is because it's fucking hilarious. It's so absolutely horrendously unequivocally trash that it is a fucking blast to sit through.

Fuck this movie, it sucks and I want my money back 😭.

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