Hometown Holiday

Hometown Holiday

The lawyer guy looks so young. He reminds me of QT from the mtv band 2get+her but far less attractive or charming.

This movie really hates city folks and it trashes big cities alot. The two leads maybe spend a total of 2 days together in the span of like 9 months, but that was enough time for them to fall in love? Despite the fact that he lied about being a rancher when he's really a high powered LA attorney. And then he freaks out that she's a gold digging fame seeker because she got a lead in a local play.

This sucked and was super contrived and lazy. Too many time jumps, embarrassing script, cringey lines and terrible acting. It was also alot of shitty music and montages, which was fine because I didn't want to hear anyone spew their garbage lines anyway lol.

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