Mistress America

Mistress America

Pretty much exactly what I expected from Baumbach: a quirky little indie comedy about the struggle with growing up, finding your own voice, and following your dreams in an unforgiving world that punishes such musings.

Mistress America doesn't reinvent the wheel and isn't among the mumblecore filmmaker's finest works, but it is a pleasant watch, also thanks to a cast that is clearly having a ton of fun in their roles (Gerwig is a treasure, and Kirke is a revelation). Cuteness overload and just really well crafted (so many lovely shots in here, with calculated composition and soft lighting), though I can see how this may be... a bit much for some viewers.

Violence & Gore: 1
Sex & Nudity: 3
Drugs & Profanity: 4.5
Intensity & Horror: 2

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