Melissa P.

Melissa P.

Melissa P. is the rare film that I would call straight-up "trash". The problematic nature of the film is not so much the exploration of teen sexuality in itself, but the way it is presented: the camera luridly lingers on Valverde's body, with little to no criticism of the patriarchy and nature of the acts that she endures throughout the film. It is uncomfortable, and not in a good way, absolutely misguided and lacking any depth or grace to it. It does not help that this is based on one of the most hated pseudo-autobiographical books to come out in Italy.

Guadagnino going from this to I Am Love is a massive glow-up, and Valverde does the best she can with the horrid material. A film that is best forgotten!

Violence & Gore: 3
Sex & Nudity: 8
Drugs & Profanity: 4
Intensity & Horror: 3

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