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This review may contain spoilers.

Tommy has been left by his wife. We do not know the reason, but we see the aftermath: an untidy house, a lack of motivation and drive, and just a mess of a life. When he joins his friends and fellow professors on a drinking experiment, he accepts wholeheartedly. This was the push he needed, to embrace not alcoholism, but pure oblivion. He is aware of this and doesn't shy away from his impending doom, but he does stop his friend from becoming like him.

This isn't worth anything. You don't want this. But I'm rooting for you, Martin.

Tommy knows his life has ended, but he won't be dragging Martin with him, and pushes him to rekindle with his wife.

After Tommy's funeral, time might seem like it's stopped for Martin, Peter, and Nikolaj. And yet... life goes on: Nikolaj has a stronger bond with his big family, Peter has been dating an art teacher, and Martin gets messages filled with hope from his wife. Martin closes his eyes and takes a deep sigh: everything will be fine, and he is making Tommy proud.

They all exit to join their students in an ode to joy, drinking and dancing, delivering an ending for the ages. What a life!

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