Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

To affirm the extent to which this film has grown on me as well as illustrate the multiple layers that I see each time I watch it, I have decided to talk about the iconic death scene involving Rutger Hauer's Roy Batty. The important element is the neon TDK sign.
The presence of TDK emphasises the role of large corporations in every aspect of life in this grim future.
TDK manufactures electronic components. Is it possible that they are a supplier to the Tyrell Corporation's replicants? In which case, a large part of Roy Batty is made up of TDK's technology.
TDK used to manufacture video and audio recording equipment. Is Batty's dying monologue a recording of someone else's memories? Or did he witness it himself. Either way, it may be recorded on TDK components within his artificial brain.
TDK may even be the manufacturer of the VHS tape on which I first recorded this film and viewed it as a 12 year old. I hated this film on my first viewings. I though it was slow and boring. I'd been raised on Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the Star Trek movies. Despite erasing the film, I couldn't help but record it again during future showings and revisit it.
Also, the TDK sign is fucking cool.
NB: It's also important to note that Batty shows more humanity than Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard. Compare the aggressive and robotic way in which Deckard seduces Rachel with Batty's interactions with Daryl Hannah's Pris. Note how Batty tenderly kisses Pris' lips after she is killed by Deckard.
I love the way that Tyrell is in white robes surrounded by candles during his fatal confrontation with Batty. Batty literally ascends to heaven to meet his maker. After this, we have the haunting shot of Batty with his eyes bulging and looking almost maniacal as he descends in the lift.
Batty commits terrible atrocities in this film, all in the pursuit of more time on Earth. I'm in two minds as to whether he is the protagonist or the antagonist.
Arguably, Batty has more redeeming features than Deckard. Which brings me back to his final action before his death. He saves Deckard. He saves the life of his hunter. Batty displays the ability to forgive, before dying in peace. Isn't that one of the defining features of being human(?). It is poetic and beautiful.

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