Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★★

“I am going to ruin your life the way you ruined mine!”
“Dude, I don't even know you!”

This was so much fun! Switch your brain off for this one and just enjoy! I really had an awesome time watching this! The cast, the plot, comedy and action all worked for me. The screen play and cinematography was brilliantly done and the pacing of the movie was quiet good! I loved how ‘Fate’ plays a big part in this movie and when you watch it you will most definitely understand this! Also I do get that this movie has its flaws and can be abit far fetched with some action sequences but at no point I got board at all of this movie!

Brad Pitt (Lady Bug) I thought done a great job with his character, was hilarious and was one of the main standouts of the movie. The other two main standout characters and performances were definitely Aaron Taylor Johnson (Tangerine) and Brian Tyree Henry (Lemon). Playing as Brothers I thought their chemistry worked so well and the humour bouncing back and forth between the two was fantastic!

There are definitely plenty of surprises in this one! Highly entertaining movie and one of my favourites of 2022. Recommend checking this one out!

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