Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ★★★★★

When I was 12 years old I got the chance to sit in the editing bay for a day on Eternal Sunshine. It changed my life and, as luck would have it, also happens I was watching people edit the greatest fucking movie of all time.

I was a weird kid and obsessed with movies. I knew nothing about Michel Gondry at the time (some french music video guy) and Jim Carrey doing another serious movie after The Majestic felt risky at best. But any opportunity to see a real movie get made was exhilarating. My mom thought it might teach me that making movies was hard, tedious work, and would most likely, shake me of me single-minded delusion that *all* I wanted to do in life was make movies.

I'm sitting there, watching them finesse the film's most out-there scenes out of context, my 12-year-old-brain exploding. A car stop-motion disappearing. Tiny Jim Carrey in a giant bathtub. Clementine being pulled by an unseen force on the ice. Memories being deleted.

After lunch, Michel Gondry made an unannounced visit to the bay. He sat with me and asked me my opinion on EVERYTHING, genuinely eager to hear my uninformed opinions. I helped him pick the sound effect for deleting memories (his preferred choice was the OG Mac error sound but I adamantly told him he wasn't allowed because that sound already meant something different in my brain). He explained his love of practical effects and showed me how he filmed some of the movie's most jaw-dropping visual effects in-camera and without green-screen. He treated me like a creative equal even though I was just some mid-pubescent stranger.

He took a break to freestyle jam out on the drums and had one of the sets from The White Stripes's Hardest Button To Button music video. He asked if I wanted to play with him on Jack's guitar, but I only knew how to play The Hanukkah Song. Still regret that.

I left that day even more in love with movies than I ever thought possible.

Oh, and then I finally saw the movie and it was even better than I could've imagined. It is, as they say, cinema.

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