Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Gore Police ★★★★½

“privatizing the police will lead to a more plentiful life.”

total fucking insanity—an inward-folding farcical fissure in dystopia, crumbling the concept of futuristic prosperity into this fragmented reality of bodily self-mutilation as a new fad, packed with infomercials to encourage it while the police run rampant as their good ol’ “protector” selves. of course, this calls for geysers of blood and cuts, piling “insert squelching/squishing/crunching adjective of choice here” into Tubi’s captioning at almost every second, while metallic blades and bullets dance about the cyberpunk disarray in a no-escape, no-hope departure of morality—the camerawork and effects emulate the filmic translation of psychic fallout via rivers of red, sprinkling some Tsukamoto into the splatter mayhem of dreams (nightmares), while having nothing short of an absolute blast with itself, and selling it hard, too. Eihi Shiina is divine and captivating, in a similar vein as Audition—malicious, and obsessively immediate.

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