Scream ★★★★★

the ultimate meta masterpiece. Craven had reinvigorated horror barely a decade prior with A Nightmare on Elm Street, specifically slashers, and does it again with Scream: the perfectly-orchestrated broadcast of tongue-rammed-through-cheek winks of horror that should induce loathsome surges of crippling cringe, but instead, toys with genres in ceaselessly innovative splendor. the film goes beyond being a product catered only towards the realm’s fans - “movies don’t create psychos” - and rather delves into the genuine psychosis and thrills of emotionally and visually visceral brutality, never shying away from the coldness of the double-reality that is laid out for all to see in telegraphed foreshadowing that still comes as a calculated, terrifying surprise. instantly perennial for generations, unlike any other in its perversion and subversion of horror in gleeful, confident delight—the entire house-party set piece, along with the truly gruesome opening, are some of the finest instances of choreographed terror that the medium will ever see.

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