Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★½

the subtle, spellbinding sensation of a yearn set so closely ablaze, but never quite surpassing these fleeting sparks, executed elegantly through the beauty of brushstrokes and artistry as a transcendent medium, and proving that, despite such momentary passings, a still presence takes great precedence. Portrait of a Lady on Fire is beyond gorgeous, ingraining its narrative of evanescence-gone-permanence in the delicacy of visual poetry between two characters and the ebb and flow of the space between them with a resonating, picture-perfect memorability that draws its duality of searing tenderness and relatively formal emptiness straight through to the final frame and ripples itself into an operatic wave of stunning, almost benumbing, everlasting, emotional shot. Merlant and Haenel are phenomenal, and Mathon’s photography does wonders for instilling the immutable demeanor of imagery akin to the enveloping painterly atmosphere, reflective as it is introspective, studying the canvas and the mirror (what an absolute scene) all the same.

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