Halloween ★★★★★

a stairwell. a living room. a front porch. wide-open, suburban streets tuned to the cozy, winded chill of autumn. commonality and normalcy conjured and uprooted: Halloween night and the accompanying free-spirited thrill of the nonchalant holiday are stalked, stared, breached, and slaughtered, where The Shape shifts between any fabricated barriers while effortlessly dismantling them in a slow, enshrouding clutch of faceless, atmospheric omnipresence—true horror crafted from simple, low-budget terror, unwearied by time, and undying by legacy. what is coming cannot be stopped.

“you can’t kill the boogeyman.”

the closet scene? no genre finale sequence can ever compare. imagine seeing this in theaters in 1978 with no sequel(s) in sight.

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