Scream ★★★★

Mindy was one of my favs. Full review to come soon.

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Review in progress
The twist - mostly predictable
The secret - pretty well done
The red herrings in writing are ok. I felt they weren’t expanded on enough in certain places
The pacing - eh
The music - think it could’ve been better. Of course the iconic Nick Cave was my favorite, next to DJ Khaled other than that not that iconic.
Homage to Wes - overall pretty good
Blood/ carnage/ intensity of the kills - method of killings were okay could’ve been a little more creative. One person’s death scene in particular easily takes the cake.
Final person(s) - cleverly done

Think technology like FaceTime & like services and also, ring + other security stuff could’ve been used
Landlines are starting to become a stretch and more obsolete.

Was there any part that could’ve been better? I wish Kevin Williamson would’ve written the screenplay.


I agree with this article.

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