On a Specific Occasion: Anti-Fascism in Film

Selections from www.societyofcontrol.com/ppmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Antifa-film organized chronologically.

ON A SPECIFIC OCCASION: ANTI-FASCISM IN FILM was a seminar and series of film screenings at the ADBK Munich. Selected and presented by ADBK students, Madeleine Bernstorff, Stephan Dillemuth, Gürsoy Dogtas, Karolin Meunier, Maria Muhle, Martin Schmidl, Stephanie Weber and Justin Lieberman, Tanja Widmann, Michaela Melián and others.

Also see:
www.michaelamelian.net/Michaela_Melian/Fohrenwald.html (Föhrenwald, Michaela Melián 2005)
player.vimeo.com/video/225409455 (From Camp to Campus, Franz Wanner 2019)
german-documentaries.de/en_EN/films/end-of-the-line-seeshaupt.7215 (END OF THE LINE: SEESHAUPT, Walter Steffen 2017)
www.achimklapp.de/index.php?id=4 (Sex Burns: Magnus Hirschfeld's Institute for Sexology and Book Burning, 2008)

  • To Whom Does the World Belong?
  • Election Campaign 1932 (Last Election)
  • Fascist Boots Shall Not Trample Our Motherland
  • To Be or Not to Be
  • The Ducktators
  • Der Fuehrer's Face
  • Education for Death
  • Paisan
  • The Last Stage
  • Lang ist der Weg
  • Rotation
  • The Kaiser's Lackey
  • Night and Fog
  • Stars
  • Hiroshima Mon Amour
  • Die Sensation des Jahrhunderts
  • The Second Track
  • Not Reconciled
  • The War Is Over
  • I Was Nineteen
  • The Sorrow and the Pity
  • Attention! Wolves!
  • We Can Do It
  • A Lesson Not Learned
  • Cabaret
  • A Special Day
  • Germany Pale Mother
  • Black Sun: The Mythological Background of National Socialism
  • Wie werde ich Demokrat?
  • Die Verwandlung des guten Nachbarn
  • A Film Unfinished
  • Who Will Write Our History?