Evil Ed

Evil Ed ★★★½

Hooptober 4.0 #11

Only one word can describe this movie and that word is nutty as a fruitcake. Meta satire of the genre, over the top performances, gore and plethora of horror elemts mashed up and this crazy euro feel of the 90s.

Evil Ed is as sleazy and slacky as it gets. A peaceful film editor, takes up the job of editing a series of slasher flicks that slowly turned him into a deranged psycho killer that sees evil everywhere and murders anyone in cruel fashion. One liners are present, mind-driling electornic soundtrack check, extreme close ups yeah, terribly lit (and I mean near darkness) of course.

The movie flows easily up until the -suitably- over the top ending which drags a little too long. But this is forgiven as Evil Ed is a gem of bad Euro slasher movie of the 90s.

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