Skinamarink ★★★★


honestly can't remember the last time a horror film actually unnerved and creeped me out the way this did. there were moments I had to look away because I was legit scared by what I was about to see even if nothing did show up. an incredible sense of unease about this and taps into the specific fear of darkness in your own home and the terror of imagining what might be lurking in it even though you know it's probably nothing, but here there is something even if you rarely ever see it. love the grain and texture and how it makes everything feel alive, especially when the frame goes completely black. and the entire form was fascinating because it blurs the line between POV and a "normal" camera perspective to the point where everything feels like you are the one locked in and observing everything that's going on. almost felt like a VR creepypasta or something, which is my kinda thing

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