Papillon ★★★★★

From the director who brought you the original planet of the apes comes papillon, well time to talk about one of my favourite films of all time and one of them is PAPILLON starring two legends Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman, now Dustin Hoffman just happened to be one of my top five favourite actors when Steve McQueen is one of my top ten favourite actors but my GOD Steve McQueen steals the show in this movie Dustin Hoffman was great when he was in it but this is Steve McQueen's movie and he gives a brilliant performance. A lot of people might find papillon and the great escape very similar films now other than the fact that he plays a guy trying to escape prison in both films they still both lead to a much different conclusion but anyway most people seem to love both I think there brilliant but papillon is probably better for me as it is one of my favourite films of all the time, everything about this movie works the setting, the imagery, the scenes, the story, the acting and definitely the ending I mean seeing two of my favourite actors of all time (from my top ten list of actors) in a film together is just mind blowing I mean another two of my favourite actors all Pacino and Robert de niro came together to do heat (then again they did righteous kill) which was brilliant it doesn't always mean your in for a great film when a film has a great cast but most of the time you get one hell of a movie and that's what papillon is for me a great movie though the first half was a lot better but the second half is still awesome.

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