A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Second viewing:

(Up half a star from previous rating.)

A fantastic sequel.

The first time I watched this I remember really liking it and thinking it was on par, if not better, than the original. I’ve kept this opinion on this rewatch. 

It really is a very well done sequel. It continues the story of the original while adding new and interesting elements to mix it up a bit. I absolutely adore the ‘dream warriors’ idea about the kids being able to fight back in their dreams. It allowed for much more interesting encounters with Krueger and for more elaborate special effects to be showcased. The special effects were also so great here. The stop motion puppet Freddy was so creepy but kind of funny at the same time, and the weird Freddy slug that eats Kristen looked so fucking cool. The deaths were also pretty gruesome, especially Phillip’s, that had my cringing. Taryn’s is also a highlight. The dream sequences in general in this movie are some of the best of the franchise. New Line really went all out in the budget because all the scenes look spectacular.

The characters are also some of the best in the franchise. For one, they’re all likeable and have their own personalities that make them standout from each other. All of the kids really were fantastic, I’m trying to pick a standout but they really all worked so well as an ensemble. Heather Langenkamp was definitely the standout overall. I really don’t think the film would have been half as effective had she not been in it. Seeing how much Nancy has grown and how she’s become this mentor to these new Elm Street kids was such great character development. And it works really well because she the best character in the film and I remember being really sad when she died the first time I watched it. This time I wasn’t as sad because I’ve had years to accept it, just like Laurie’s death in Halloween Resurrection (although her resurrection in Halloween 2018 helped). Robert Englund was of course great here too. His delivery and the over the top nature of his performance again makes him standout out as the hilarious but dangerous Freddy Krueger.

I also really like the films change in location to a mental health clinic. It adds so much more depth and emotion to the film and the characters in it. It also worked great at keeping the characters together but tapped at all times. I remember I found myself getting a bit emotional, almost tearing up, when Kristen was first brought to the clinic and is crying and fighting to not be sedated. And then when Nancy comes and Kristen hugs her, it was just really sad but at the same time good because she had someone who understood. The film moves at a really good pace as well, I do think towards the end it goes on a little too long but it’s still kept me interested nonetheless. The comedy in the film also works well, like the iconic ‘Welcome to prime time bitch’ as well as the seductive tongue tied nurse. Although, I feel it would have been funnier if it was just Freddy, except he had boobs (this may have gone a little too far). A slight negative is that the subplot about Freddy’s Nun mum was a bit unnecessary but it wasn’t horrible. 

Overall, A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is a fantastic sequel that is on par, if not better, than the original.

Extreme borderline 3.5/4 out of 5 stars

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