Brazil ★★★★★

Proof that there's no limit to the reaches of the imagination, Brazil is one of the few transcendent films of the 80's, brimming with the inventions of Gillian's mind in every frame. Watching Brazil about 10 years ago for the first time was what made me jump from casual moviegoer to someone with an interest into the why and how of movies. For me there will always be a time before watching Brazil and the time after. The story itself is a dystopian satire about the oppressive power of bureaucracies with dashes of fantasy and science-fiction that borrows from Orwell's 1984, Kafka's The Trial, the German Expressionists, and even as far back as Gogol's The Overcoat. Yet, Gillian's style is so brazen that it feels wholly unique and the commentary on the very banality of these type of totalitarian institutions is perhaps more relevant today than it was during its release.

The ending is one of the most famous in cult cinema and it packs the same wallop today that it did 29 years ago. It's chilling, arrives suddenly but not without foundation, and it leaves one relieved and troubled by Sam's fate. Speaking of Sam, Jonathan Pryce is fantastic in the role, embodying Sam's many facets with ease. Brazil is Terry Gillian's masterpiece, a truly perfect film, and the type of movie that one comes back to over and over again hoping to find new things to relish and discuss after many years. I've yet to be disappointed.

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