Kristhian Morales

<------Favorite Films Rotate. Subtract half a star from any new ratings. I always overrate on first viewing.

Favorite films

  • The River
  • Vampires in Havana
  • Safe
  • Tongues Untied

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  • All the Beauty and the Bloodshed


  • Collective


  • Hannibal


  • Fifty Shades Darker


Recent reviews

  • Amarcord



    An American movie could never be this horny!

  • Vertigo



    Boy was I wrong about this one. Glad to have finally seen the light!

Popular reviews

  • Belle de Jour

    Belle de Jour


    Right around the halfway point of Belle de Jour— Luis Buñuel’s erotic, surrealist classic — a supposedly unusual request from a client at the small Parisian brothel where the protagonist works arrives without much fanfare. What follows involves a small lacquered box which emits a sound best described as the buzz of a mosquito and a sexual encounter between Séverine and the client that leaves some of the staff scared/puzzled. It's a small moment, comprising maybe 3 minutes of the…

  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


    I am a huge Tennessee Williams fan, so I went into Cat on a Hot Tin Roof expecting to like it. Imagine my disappointment at finding that this filmed version of one of Williams' most famous plays was gutted like a fish by the Hays Code. What's left is a good looking, well-acted but entirely different (inferior) version of the story.

    Even if I were to accept that general audiences at the time weren't ready to deal with the homoerotic…