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  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    Scavenger Hunt 53

    Lost Highway exudes a rare sense of anxiety you seldom see in most films. It’s a kind of palpable feeling of internal struggle. It raises your heart rate and makes you sweat. As a person with serious anxiety, it would make most assume that I would not want to exacerbate my anxiety by watching a film that’s practically a panic attack in film form. But I relish the opportunity. It’s such an experience to feel these emotions based…

  • Mother



    Moms are the ultimate badasses 

    Bong Joon-Ho is a master of shifting tones. Many scenes can be interpreted as either disturbing and suspenseful or comical and charming. This gives his films such a unique “taste,” which makes the film intensely engrossing. He knows exactly when to build tension and when to release it, but you never fully feel relieved as the story progresses. 

    I also appreciate the subject matter, it’s clear to me that Joon-ho understands the perspective of motherhood…

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  • Resolution



    Super ambitious with a lot of good ideas, but the execution is mostly mediocre. It feels very indie and somewhat amateurish but that’s sometimes the most endearing quality of it. Really funny at parts, but most of the comedy seems unintentional.

  • Time After Time

    Time After Time


    Really cool movie! The romance felt earnest and really endearing, the “fish out of water” comedy managed to be genuinely funny, and the dynamic between the H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper was captivating. 

    Finding movies like this is why I love letterboxd. You find a cool poster and a neat synopsis and then get to watch a movie you would never see otherwise

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