The Humans

The Humans ★★½

Some have called this a horror film.
It’s not!
I repeat it’s not a horror film.
Not even by A24 standards.
Unless old Chinese ladies making noises around their apartment and pushing a cart through the hallway scares you there really is nothing to be afraid of. Sure there are some creepy shots and a sense of dread but to what end.

For the most part you’re just watching a family be miserable over Thanksgiving dinner in a run down apartment in lower Manhattan. There’s a lot of middle class angst that we’ve heard/seen before. It’s a rather drab affair and if I’m distracted thinking about watching other “Thanksgiving” movies like The Ice Storm it’s not a good sign. Speaking of the magnificent Ang Lee film it’s another dour film involving an upper middle class family. The difference is the filmmaking and the characters are more interesting. 

Despite a good cast including Steven Yeun The Humans couldn’t keep my interest. I know it’s supposed to be deep and about the human condition but it all seemed so obvious. Perhaps it works better in its original form as a play. I did like the last shot though but I was also relieved it was over.

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