Tex ★★★½

Was not expecting to hear a score from DePalma's go-to composer the great Pino Donaggio in a Disney film. Yet somehow it works. Matt Dillon stars at the title character, who's parents are no longer in the picture. His brother is left to take care of him. It's easy to see why Matt Dillon became so popular. The camera loves him and he projects a vulnerability behind his boyishly rough exterior.

As director Tim Hunter showed in "Rivers Edge", he's quite adept at stories about restless youth with little prospects. While this is no where near as rough as "River's Edge", don't be fooled by the Disney logo. There's drug dealing, violence and frank discussions of sexual insecurities. Based on a novel from S.E. Hinton, TEX is a mature work that aligns perfectly with "The Outsiders" and 'Rumble Fish". An excellent trifecta of films based on her work also starring Matt Dillon.

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