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This review may contain spoilers.

This Danish/Dutch co-production begins with promise with some interesting ideas about upper middle class politeness as well as the general tension among urban and the rural communities. Unfortunately the strengths are hampered by some unbelievably dumb decisions made by the family that we are supposed to root for or are we. The film is nicely shot and there's a genuine sense of dread before the idiocy and heavy-handed conclusion destroy any goodwill to be had. The violence is brutal and unearned. No catharsis or thrills. Sickening and not in a good twisted way.


1) Dumb couple (Danish) meet another one (Dutch) on vacation. Dutch Father says he's a doctor. Danish mother practically orgasms. Oh a doctor. She loves the profession. He must be an upstanding member of society. Danish family decide to travel to another country to stay in Dutch family home without really knowing them instead of a hotel.

2) Dumb couple experience MACRO-aggressions from their hosts going well beyond passive-aggressive bougie speak. Couple stays.

3) Dumb couple decide enough is enough. Their host dad isn't a doctor after all. He's not the high-status figure they hoped. They wisely leave. Little girl whines that she left her stuffed animal. Stupid family go back. God forbid child suffer feelings of discomfort. Little does she know how much she'll really suffer. Off with her tongue.

4) Dumb couple witness abusive behavior by the Dutch couple toward their "son". It's not their business but they decide to give parenting advice. Doesn't go over well. Lots of tension. Bad vibes. They surely will leave. NOPE Let's stay another night.

5) Dumb father finds a closet filled with GET OUT photos of other families. Could those families be dead? Dumb couple leaves with daughter and her stuffed animal. Dumb father doesn't tell his wife about photos! How stupid can he be? How is it a good idea to protect her feelings? Car breaks down.

6) Dumb father looks for help leaving wife and child in car alone. Dumb mother doesn't know about photos and calls the PSYCHO family for help. Dumb father comes back to an empty car and his family is now in the car of the psycho family. Dumb parents start making Psycho Killers angry with stupid comments. Dutch father punches dumb one in the face. Dumbfounded the Dane does nothing. Watches his daughters tongue get cut out.

7) Dumb couple taken to ditch where they are forced to strip. They seem to lack the fight or flight response. Are their instincts so deadened by their bourgeoisie lifestyle? Is the director trying to be profound while giving us such inane dumb-ass characters?
Dumb couple stripped and executed. The End
Overly dramatic music plays expecting us to be struck with with this "powerful" denouement. We should be in a fetal position after what we just witnessed. Sorry filmmakers, this isn't REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. If you want me devastated you've got to earn it.

It's a shame there are some good ideas here but it all rings hollow thanks to the lazy script and insulting the audience's intelligence. You at least need a protagonist(s) for us to care about a la Tess in BARBARIAN. She made some dumb decisions but I rooted for her through it all.

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